God is Real.
He is the fount of all fact, truth and goodness.
We can learn about Him in His written word, the Bible.
We can know Him through His living Word, Jesus, the Christ.
We can attain to His likeness through His Holy Spirit.
Each moment presents a choice to receive His loving lordship – or not.
Everything is sacred and nothing is trivial. 


There seems to be no end to creeds once they get started.  These thoughts were first written down and CHOICEWORDS inaugurated in 1989. This Affirmation is an attempt to boil my faith down to its essentials.  There is plenty more to be said but it provides the starting points:  God, the Bible, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our choice.  What Christians call salvation by grace is implicit.  With this comes the assurance that God cares about everything, big or small.  One cannot hide from God.

The world would prefer to dispense with Faith as useless or passe but there is nothing in the world outside the boundaries for believers.  This is because God is real and relevant to all things.  When believers look at the world, it is plain how foolish and crazed it is.  How do people come to think like that? 

And there you have it, the substance for this blog:  to consider how it is that people come to think like that.  Here the relevance of Faith in Christ to everything will be considered, following the competing ideas and meanings to the end of their truth or error.  In God’s world it is God’s Word, not man’s, which is first and final.  In such a world, no intimidation, ridicule or coercion is sufficient to silence the believer’s witness to this sin-sick, suicidal world.   

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